About Timpani

Please Note: We are pleased to announce Calamos Investments’ acquisition of Timpani Capital Management and the launch of the Calamos Timpani Small Cap Growth Fund (CTSIX) (see press release).


The previously announced transaction has closed, following the fulfilment of applicable regulatory and customary closing conditions, including mutual fund shareholder approvals. The newly named Calamos Timpani Small Cap Growth Fund will maintain its investment team and track record of more than eight years, alongside the Calamos Timpani Small Cap Growth Strategy, a separately managed account offering with a track record of more than 11 years.  


The Timpani team is excited to partner with Calamos in continuing to provide our clients with unyielding focus and dedication to our investment process and strategies.

Timpani Capital Management is an investment manager focused on small cap growth investing. Our experienced senior management and investment professionals work as a team to identify investment prospects and manage client portfolios. Timpani Capital uses a consistent and proven investment philosophy and process that has been used since the inception of the firm. Timpani Capital is an employee-owned, Milwaukee-based boutique that started with $1 million of assets under management on April 1, 2008, only a few months before a global economic meltdown, and today, manages over $300 million in assets.

Timpani are large, kettle-shaped drums, often found at the back of an orchestra. The name of our firm, Timpani Capital Management, combines two passions of its co-founder, Brandon Nelson – drumming and stock-picking. Brandon started his drumming career in the 5th grade and began picking stocks only a few years later. He continued his drumming throughout high school and college, playing snare drum with the University of Wisconsin Marching Band in the early 1990s (final performance was at the 1994 Rose Bowl!!). Today, he still finds time to beat the drums after a hard day at work.